Our History

We have been making Tortilla Chips for over 40 years. We make them the traditional way where we steep the corn and then it is stone ground into a masa for the desired chip. We also make tortilla chips from corn flour at customers request, some of our customers request a blend of both. Whether you are looking for a thick chip or thin chip, crunchier or crispier, we make all kinds and in different shapes (Triangle, Round, Strips etc.)


We have a dynamic spray seasoner in our factory. This machine allows us to evenly coat all of our chips and wheat puff snacks with our delicious flavor mixtures. We offer five flavors of snacks and chips; plain, salted, chile lemon, chile cheese, and nacho flavor. 
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We also offer a variety of shapes and sizes for our chips and snacks. We produce thin restaurant-style triangle chips, thicker traditional topopos, and golden rounds. Our wheat puff snacks come in squares and wagon wheels. We can customize our products’ thickness, shape, and flavor according to our customer’s desires.