Traditional Stone Ground
Corn Masa

We have been making Tortilla Chips
for over 40 years.

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We make them the traditional way where we steep the corn and then the Corn is Stone Ground into a Masa for the desired chip. We also make Tortilla chips from Corn Flour at customers request some of our customers request a blend of both. Whether you arelooking for a thick chip or thin chip, crunchier or crispier we make all kinds and in different shapes (Triangle, Round, Strips etc.)

Retail Ready Tortilla Chips

We produce several different styles of retail-ready tortilla chips. We ship 30 cases to a pallet. Chips are available in 13-ounce and 20-ounce packaging. We also have 4-ounce snack packs of puffed wheat chips available to our wholesale buyers.

White Or Gold?

Our restaurant-style tortilla chips and our topopos traditional chips come in your choice of white or gold masa. Provide your customers with variety by offering both options. Whichever type of chip they choose, your customers will be happy and come back for more!

Bulk Golden Rounds

Our four-pound bags of golden round tortilla chips are perfect for restaurants and supply outlets. These chips come three units to a case, thirty cases to a pallet. You can enjoy a consistent supply of high-quality tortilla chips for your restaurant. Your customers will love them! 

Private Label Products

We offer private label tortilla chips, wheat puff snacks, and sauces. Sauces can be bottled for retail, or delivered in bulk. Our bulk sizes range from 5-gallon buckets to 300-gallon totes. Tortilla chips come in sizes ranging from ¾ ounces to 24-ounces. Wheat puff snacks come in sizes from 4-ounces to 16-ounces. Chips and puffs are available in five flavors; salted, unsalted, chile cheese, chile lemon, and nacho flavor.

Teriyaki Sauce

Barbecue Sauce

Soy Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Hot Wing Sauce

Pancake Syrup

Our Ingredients

We use the highest quality and freshest ingredients available.
Try our products today and experience the Legacy Foods difference.